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Planning: Advice on preparation of weekly notes, monthly progress records and termly/ yearly schemes. Advice on the teaching of all subjects on the primary school curriculum, aims, methodologies, strands etc.

1 - Advice on how to deal with colleagues, parents, and management.

2 - Advice on how to deal with a range of difficult situations that can arise within a classroom.

3 - Classroom management, discipline and organization.

4 - Advice on how to deal with special needs children.

5 - Advice on how to work with a special needs assistant or some other professional in your classroom.

6 - Advice on how to deal with multi- disciplinary team including psychologists, inspectors, speech therapists etc.

7 - Whole School Evaluation (WSE) and spot checks by inspectorate.

8 - Drawing up of a school plan for a primary school to include all curricular areas and policy areas.

1998 Education Act
2002 Education Welfare Act
2004 Epsen Act

10 - Help teacher create a template for producing individual education plans

11 - Coping with Special needs children in a mainstream school: precision teaching, discrete trial teaching, differentiation, individual teaching.

Child protection
Children First Guidelines
RSE programme
Stay Safe and Walk Tall programs

Parents :

Advice on all aspects of a child's Primary School Education.

Starting primary school.

How to deal with difficult situations that may arise in school from time to time, e.g: bullying, discipline.

Homework :

Educational Disadvantage and entitlements of parents under the scheme, e.g: book grants, back to school allowance

School Completion Programme.
Homework clubs, golf, horse-riding, swimming all provided for under the scheme. Summer camps free available through the scheme.

Advice and testing in all subject areas. Identifying weakness especially in numeracy and literacy.

Grinds in all subject areas where children are weak.

Advice in dealing with Board of Management, principal and teachers when there are difficulties.

Advice on all areas of Special needs including Autism, Aspergers Syndrome, Downs Syndrome, Hyperactivity, Emotional and Behavioral Disturbance. Links with child's school to tackle areas of difficulty.

Transition to secondary school: choice of school and choice of subject areas to best meet the needs of the child.

Leisure time activities for children.

How to deal with parents own stress.

Interviews :

Preparation of trained teachers for interview for teaching positions.

Preparation of teachers for interview for the post of principal teacher.

Preparation of teachers for interview for post of responsibility within a school. Interview techniques, questions etc.

Preparation of students for interview for post graduate course in teaching with a big emphasis on Irish.

Preparation of principal teacher for the task of interviewing personnel within a school; teachers, special needs assistants, secretaries, caretakers etc.

Preparation of Special Needs Assistants (SNAs) for interview for a post within a primary school.


Special Needs :

I.e: Children with Specific Learning difficulties as a result of autism, Downs Syndrome, Behavioral Disturbance, Emotional Disturbance or other complex difficulties.

Advice for parents and teachers with children affected by profound learning difficulties, moderate learning difficulties or mild learning difficulties.

Advice on school placement.

How the special educational curriculum guidelines and the mainstream guidelines can be put together to achieve deserved outcomes and produce a broad and balanced curriculum to meet the Special Educational Needs of the Child.

Advice on Individual Educational Plans (IEPs) for special needs children. IEP should include academic objectives, self-care objectives, social objectives, communication objectives, speech therapy objectives, occupational therapy objectives, behavioral objectives and child protection objectives. Advice on above for parents, teachers, and other interested partners in the educational system.

ABA- Applied Behavioral Analysis
Discipline for Learning
Positive Reinforcement
Shaping complex behavior etc.
Low Incidence Hours
Resource Hours
Special needs assistant support
Parent, teacher and child entitlements with regard to the above under 1998 Education Act and 2004 Epsen Act.


Conflict Management :

When one is dealing as a teacher, as a parent or as student with a range of different personalities daily conflicts arise. As an educational provider with over 33 years experience I give advice on how to handle conflict. I am a trained professional mediator with a mediation qualification.

Different approaches to conflict and how to resolve it:
Direct approach
Avoiding style
Compromising style
Accomodating style
Collaborating style
The idea is to train people how best to handle conflict for the good of the whole school community.

Interview Preparation For Primary Schools:

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Physiological Assessment& Reports

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